Rethinking Arts for Cohesion, Trust and Inclusion

Funded by the European Union


Rethinking Arts for Cohesion, Trust and Inclusion

Funded by the European Union


The workshop aims to introduce participants to the basics of content creation where they will be able to make a valuable content ,tell their stories, share their experience, or even entertain the audience.

All these are achieved through series of related topics from improving the content creator mindest, to the ideation and scriptwriting moving to shooting and editing the content, and ending with publishing and engaging with the audience.

It will be followed up by a mentorship sessions and weekly videos to be produced on their platforms.

This will lead after several months to dedicated content creators, producing content with value and also making a career out of it.

TRIPOLINKS Training program

    Content Creator Mindset:

    • How to think as a content creator 
    • Why would some videos succeed & others won’t? 
    • Criticism on some content creator’s videos 
    • Ideas Sharing
    • Examples of great content creators
    • Assessing the participants videos 
    • Mistakes you should avoid 


    • Acquiring Main Topic to work on 
    • Establishing several series 
    • Brainstorming Different Topics 
    • Basic Script structure
    • Building the main theme 
    • How To Put Your Story into Format 
    • Types of Video Structures
    • Golden Trio of Scripts 


    • What is a hook 
    • Call for action in your video 
    • How To Put Your Story Into Format 
    • Finding the Right Hook 
    • Writing a hook exercise 
    • Types of Video Structures
    • From a boring paragraph to an interesting topic 
    • Analysis of participant’s videos 
    • Writing a Great Script on your ideas 
    • Analyse & breakdown the structure of a video 
    • Making people care about your story 
    • Writing a Great Script on your ideas 


    • Introduction to the presenting 
    • Body Language 
    • Tone 
    • Posture 
    • Character in front of Camera 
    • Energy 

        Camera & Shooting:

        • Basics of Mobile Shooting 
        • Basics of Lighting 
        • Angles of Shots 
        • Framing  
        • Composition 
        • Basics of Pixels 
        • Stabilization 
        • Focus 
        • A-Roll + B-Roll 
        • Basics of A Camera 

        Basics in Editing:

        • Basics of Editing Programs 
        • How to Use Capcut 
        • Types of Editing 
        • Editing Styles 
        • Music in Editing 
        • Cuts / Splits 

        Advanced Editing skills:

        • Audio & VO 
        • Animation 
        • Transition 
        • Sound effects 
        • Reverse / Speed 
        • Subtitles 
        • Application 

        Social Media Strategies and monetization:

        • Branding 
        • 100 Day Strategy 
        • Metadata 
        • Timing 
        • Publishing 
        • Platform Choice 
        • Analytics 
        • Studio Creator 
        • How to monetize your page 
        • How to monetize your work 
        • Sponsorships 
        • Production & Skills 

        Online stress Management:

        • Sharing thoughts and experiences 
        • Handling online stress 
        • The impact of negative comments on our productivity 
        • How to deal with negative comments. 
        • Stories sharing 

        Being trendy on social media