Rethinking Arts for Cohesion, Trust and Inclusion

Funded by the European Union


Rethinking Arts for Cohesion, Trust and Inclusion

Funded by the European Union

Studio 8

This 3-week-workshop is a journey, inviting a group of young people who love theater to explore stories and movements. It is about self – exploration. It is about telling who you really are at one moment and what your world is like. And it is about passion to inspire others to authentically express what they want to share with the world.

Artmove – Pareidolia (Movement workshop for young people)

    In his notebooks, Leonardo da Vinci wrote of pareidolia as a device for artists, writing: 


    If you look at any walls spotted with various stains or with a mixture of different kinds of stones, if you are about to invent some scene you will be able to see in it a resemblance to various different landscapes adorned with mountains, rivers, rocks, trees, plains, wide valleys, and various groups of hills. You will also be able to see divers combats and figures in quick movement, and strange expressions of faces, and outlandish costumes, and an infinite number of things which you can then reduce into separate and well conceived forms.


    In the workshops, we play with similar ideas and  incorporate critical thinking into the process, searching for the context, theoretical knowledge and analytical skills. 

        Practical Sessions: Creating performance

        The aim of these practical sessions is to broaden various performance techniques through exposing and training the physicality of the performer and deepen the artistic competence and theatrical abilities. Dramaturgy and theatrical composition will be introduced in the progression, always offering participants the possibility of applying the acquired knowledge and testing their ideas on stage in front of an audience. The final outcome will result in performance in theater to the public. The performance will be recorded and shared to wider viewers.  



        Four sessions per week (Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday)

        Each session is 3 hours (6-9 pm)




        Open call May 2 – May 20 Social media posts, videos, paid ads, google form, Word-of-mouth
        Audition  May 24

        Location: MMAG Foundation

        Time: 5-7 pm

        Session 1 May 27

        Welcoming note 

        Physical Storytelling, warm up games

        Discussion: get to know each other, explore one’s own personality

        Exercise: creative movement as a form of expression

        Session 2 – 3

        May 28, 

        May 29

        Theme exploration

        Introduction: physical exploration of the theme, improvisational technique

        Exercise: movement exercise based visual stimuli. 

        The example is used in the sessions, explore our tendency for perception to impose a meaningful interpretation on a nebulous stimulus, in this case, the peeling wall and its pattern, trying to experiment with ideas of observation, discovering mood information, eliciting thoughts or feelings of respondents that are “projected” onto the ambiguous wall patterns, imaginations, ect. 

        Discussion & Script writing: co-building the written materials based on the movement exercises 

        *a story or a series of stories will be chosen at the end of the sessions serving as the basis for the production of the performance.  

        Session 4 May 30

        Storytelling and creating characters

        Discussion & Sharing: discuss about the above mentioned story or stories, experiment with creating characters based on the story

        Movement lab: use different tools found in improvisational dance to attend to the physical, mental and emotional body with the hope of creating unity in the individual and the recognition of our relationship with others.

        Session 5-8 

        June 3,

        June 4,

        June 5,

        June 6

        Building scenes, developing the performance 
        Session 9-12

        June 12,

        June 13,

        June 14,

        June 15

        Scenography, technical theater development, developing the performance 
        Performance  June 16

        Location: Al Mashni theater

        Time: TBA